This is where Moldova is

The Republic of Moldova has a population of approximately 4 million people.  Following the breakup of the Soviety Union the country was left extremely poor.

This resulted in mass emigration.  Families were in desperate situations with no method to feed themselves or their families and their government had no  money to help out.


Most of the money which enters Moldova now is from those workers sending it home to support their families.  Children were often abandoned to the care of local mayors or put into orphanages as parents went searching for work. Parents sometimes left children there knowing they would get some food.


One still sees elderly people begging in villages and cities, selling everyting they can to try to get money.  Since working with the Moldovans we have come to learn that they 'deserve better than they get' right now.


There is a generation of children growing up in orphanages desperately in need of care.  There are elderly people without any means of helping themselves.  They need our help...


In 2013 there is investment flowing into Moldova - mainly into the capital Chisinau - this is where the younger people congregate, the elderly tend to remain in villages.

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